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It’s an Election Year!

2017 is an election year and TEC is now accepting nominations for all Board positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Governors.  If you know of a TEC Member that you think would be great for the job, send your nomination to the current secretary, Les.  Be sure to keep an eye on the 2017 Board Elections page to see who has been nominated!

TEC Convention at Anaheim Aug 11-13, 2016

TEC will be booth 1030 on the Bourse
An interactive map can be found at :

Time is nearing for the 50th anniversary of TEC.
Mark your calendars for a wild 2 days of activities in California featuring dinners, meetings, trading and socializing with fellow TEC Members! We will even have a penny smashing trip on Saturday afternoon ending with a dinner and smashing at the Great Wold Lodge!

The itinerary:

Thursday  August 11

Around 6 – We will have an informal get-together with dinner when the floor closes. Location TBD.

Friday August 12 

9AM – TEC Meeting and Auction.  Meeting will be presided by President Nancy Wooten and Auction conducted by Bob Fritsch.
Catalina 6 room at the Hilton Hotel
Meeting will last until about noon.

1PM – TEC Meeting after lunch for socializing and trading.  If anyone would like to do a presentation or has a display, please let Les know.  Tables will be set up for trading and selling ECs.
Room Huntington A.

Evening – After the floor closes there will be another informal dinner. Location TBD.

Saturday August 13

Penny Smashing. Now is our chance to visit Anaheim and go wild.  Times to be determined.

Saturday evening the big celebration at California Pizza Kitchen followed by smashing at the Great Wolf Lodge. A new 8 die penny machine is there and just waiting for us. President Nancy Wooten will lead us in a big celebration honoring our 50 years. I would think a big cake might be in the offering.

Contact Secretary Les Holbrook – with any suggestions or questions!

Keeping Track of Coins

Here is a link to the ElongatedLog as mentioned in the most recent TEC News issue by Bob Fritsch.

Design Contest 2016

This years design contest theme is “Celebrating Our National Parks” find out more information on the Design Contest 2016 page, including a download for the official entry form.

It’s Renewal Time!

RenewNow2015It’s that time of year again – time to renew your TEC Membership!

To pay via check or money order, down load the  TEC Membership Application/Renewal (PDF), print it out, fill it in, and mail it to TEC Secretary (Payable to: TEC).

If you’d rather join online and pay via paypal, you can fill out the form here:


Yesterday’s Elongateds

A revised update of “Yesterday’s Elongateds” is long overdue. TEC plans to tackle this project. However, we need help. The Fairbanks “Guide to Unlisteds” contains descriptions only. Rosato’s “Unlisteds” includes illustrations with descriptions. However, we need pictures of all new items to be included in the revision. Here is where you come in. Please review your collections and furnish TEC with pictures of coins that you have in your collection that fit the descriptions of unlisted items, plus others that you may have that may not yet have been identified. Each person submitting information will be listed as a contributor in the revised issue. They will also be recognized and thanked in TEC News as we proceed.

Pictures can be emailed to If you happen to know the number of the elongated i.e. ARI-phx 3a, be sure to include it with the picture and help us verify.

For the list of descriptions – visit the Yesterday’s Elongateds Project Page. Once photos of a particular coin are received, we will update the page to cross out the description so you will know we have found an image of that coin.

If you have any questions regarding the pictures, use the email above and we will walk you through the process. If you don’t have a way to get a photo or a scan but have the coin in your collection, please let us know so we can work something out. We really want to get this completed and it is going to require help from many sources.

ANA’s World’s Fair of Money Collector Exhibits Program

Layout 1Download an application:

Bob Fritsch’s Article on Exhibiting at ANA


The Start of a New Collectible

Check out ANA’s blog on “The Start of a New Collectible” which features TEC’s President Emeritis – Ray Dillard!

Welcome to TEC 2017

Elongated coins (so-called because of their shape after they are rolled) are part of what’s known as “exonumia” – that is, they fall outside the usual numismatic interests. But rest assured, if you have a few, a few hundred, or a few thousand of them, you are not alone! Elongated coins are sometimes also called “elongated pennies”, “pressed pennies” or “squished pennies”

Founded in 1966 as a non-profit organization, The Elongated Collectors (TEC) now has over 650 members in several countries. Our purpose is to

  • encourage the study, acquisition, and exhibition of elongates and related items
  •  research and publish articles in TEC News and elsewhere
  • assist new collectors, especially youth
  • promote the realistic and consistent valuation of elongates.

Basically, we care for and foster interest in these marvelous souvenirs from every source and every era!

If you love elongates, then TEC is the club for you! We gather for our annual meeting at the American Numismatic Association’s World of Money convention. In addition, many of our members gather throughout the year at “mini-meets” in various parts of the country to visit with one another, compare collections, trade duplicates, and go on “squishin’ missions.” And many of us also participate in various internet discussion groups, sharing our latest discoveries and helping each other out in any way we can. More information is available all over our website. We welcome any and all questions you have!
Please join us! For your nominal membership dues, you will receive:

  • Our quarterly newsletter, TEC News
  • Exclusive elongates, including coveted annual TEC member issues
  • Birthday elongates for junior members
  • Discounts on classic reference books, such as Yesterday’s Elongates
  • And more, but best of all access to the unmatched generosity and wisdom of novice and advanced collectors alike!