2015 Board Elections

Here is your chance to get acquainted with all the TEC Board Nominees. Since we have only one candidate for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and three candidates for the three Governor positions, we once again will not need to have a formal election.  This is good in one way – it saves TEC money and it saves Les a lot of work. But it’s bad in another – I wish we had more members who were willing to take on these responsibilities. Each of you needs to think seriously about what you can do to keep TEC going. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary next year and I hope we are around for another 50 years, but without membership getting involved, TEC could just fade away.



Nancy Wooten Accepted

Dear Members
I want to thank you for showing the confidence in me to nominate me for another term as President. It is comforting to know that you have appreciated my efforts to make TEC the best club in collecting, and I promise you that I will continue to listen to your concerns and try to find a way to make things better for all members if elected. There is still more to be done, and I very much want to be a part of that.

I believe my qualifications speak for themselves. I have served TEC as a member of the Board since I was elected Vice President in 1999, holding nearly all of the offices, missing only Treasurer. My husband was Treasurer one term, so I know what goes on there as well. Because of this i have knowledge of exactly what each officer’s duties are and can advise and assist as needed. I have worked closely with representatives of ANA in making arrangements for a meeting room for our Annual Meeting and Fellowship meetings. TEC was honored last year when I was named by ANA President (and TEC Member) Walt Ostromecki as a Point of Numismatic Light for my service to the numismatic community in the state of California in 2014.

I would like very much to serve one final term as President of TEC. It is important to me to be a part of TEC’s 50th Anniversary and to represent our founding president, Dottie Dow as I preside at our 50th Annual Meeting in 2016. After that I will serve where I am needed to keep us the best club ever.

Vice President

Cindy Calhoun   Accepted

I am currently a TEC Governor, and have been very active. I write the TEC-Knowledgy Page, send birthday cards to TEC Young Numismatists and worked the TEC booth in Chicago the last two years. When the TEC VP became ill during 2013, I was asked to take over the coin design and rolling of the TEC issued coins. I designed the last dozen or so TEC coins and have rolled thousands of them for TEC. I have written articles for TEC News, created TEC-Knowledgy Pages, submitted coins for distribution in the newsletter and provided items for the annual TEC auctions. I am an ANA member and have attended the TEC annual meetings in Denver, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago.

I am a ‘young’ retiree. Now spending my time on the things I enjoy – elongated coins, RV travel, geo-caching, scuba diving, instructing classes, family and friends, being a Cub Scout Leader and volunteer Bicycle Patrol for the National Park Service on the C&O Canal.

My husband and I have a regional elongated penny machine business called Cindy’s Cents and more than 30 elongated penny machines throughout West Virginia and Virginia. I have designed more than 150 images including ones for our machines and custom coins for various groups and individuals. I also maintain our website: www.elongatedpenny.net

What I hope to offer TEC is my enthusiasm for the hobby, my experience in working through issues to get things accomplished and helping TEC members however I can. I believe in sharing information. Many TEC members provided me information, assistance, direction and friendship. I hope to offer the same to everyone i can. If elected to the VP position, I will work with the Board to help keep TEC moving forward in a positive manner. Thank you for your consideration.


Les Holbrook Accepted

Thank you of you who nominated me for several positions on the TEC Board. I decided to remain and serve if elected as your Secretary. I feel that this position is stable and we are gaining members. Many past members are coming back to the membership. Several have been missing for 15 years. I contribute this to me taking the time to contact them and see if they are interested to return. As of now I run unopposed but I do want you to consider running next term as I will not be back as secretary. I have returned and my wife and I plan to do some serious traveling, so I want to train someone to take over for me.


Jamie Bennett Accepted

Thank you for another nomination. I’ve been a member of TEC for 15 years and have been serving as Treasurer for the last four. I am seeking a third term as Treasurer. During the past two terms I’ve been part of boards that have increased TEC’s total assets by 40%. We’ve found new ways to bring in income. I aim to continue this practice.

I’ve been a collector all of my life. As a kid, it was baseball cards. Now as an adult, it’s elongated coins. There is nothing like the feeling of spotting an unreported machine. My EC collection consists mostly of coins from California, Nevada, Arizona and baseball themed. I never miss an opportunity to press coins. I am guilty of altering vacation plans in order to maximize the number of penny press machines I can visit.

My goal for the next term is to channel my enthusiasm for the hobby into our Board. I hope to bring in new members with whom I can share the love I have for this hobby. In addition to bringing in added income it is important that we keep expenses low. Thank you for your consideration.

Governor (3 will be elected)

Nominee  Status

James Motley  Accepted

Well, let’s see. I am 55 years old, married for 37 years, have two adult girls. I own an IT company in Michigan. Just normal stuff. My coin resume is a little more interesting so I am told.

I started collecting coins in the mid 60’s. Over the course of time my interests have changed. While I still collect coins my taste has outgrown my wallet. So I was on a business trip many years ago and saw these Elongateds and started collecting them. I am involved in a lot of different area of collecting now.

I am a founding member and the past president of our local coin club (Huron Valley Numismatic Society) in Highland, MI, and currently serving on the board. I am also the webmaster for that club.

I am on the board of directors for CONECA and have received many awards from that club including the Dr. King award for Outstanding Member in 2013, the Kenny Knapp award for top recruiter in 2013 as well as several Literary awards for articles submitted to the Errorscope magazine. I am also the webmaster for CONECA.

I am the webmaster for Michigan State Numismatic Society and on a few other committees.

I am also the webmaster for Women in Numismatics.

I am a member of the ANA and have been for years, this past year I was a recipient of the ANA Presidential Award.

As for TEC, I am a personal friend of Ray Dillard and was asked to work with him and another gentleman on an update to the Dottie Dow book by President Wooten. I collect both the touristy Elongateds as well as the older ones that catch my eye when I see them at shows. (Generally from Ray.)

Well, there ya go, there is a little about me.

Danielle Kittredge Accepted

I am excited to have been nominated to run for a Governor position this year! I have been a member of TEC for about eight years, but i Have been collecting elongated coins long before that time. As a child, I remember the anticipation of waiting for that flattened penny to slide out of the machine and the joy I was overwhelmed with when I picked it up. Today, I remain just as excited with every “click, click, click” I hear as I turn the elongated coin machine’s handle. TEC has introduced me to the artistry and passion that others have for designing and collecting elongated coins that goes beyond the simple joy of squishing a penny. I am certainly happy to be a part of this wonderful group!

I currently live in Florida and I work in local government as a City Planner. While I may not be a recognizable face among the group, I am at least hoping you have enjoyed one of my winning squished penny designs from previous elongated design contests in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Having held a treasurer and membership chair position in other groups, I understand that communication and prompt responses are critical for groups that cover a large geographic area. I believe I have the previous board experience that will help this group continue to move forward and advance towards new goals.

I look forward to becoming more involved with TEC and look forward to your vote to be one of your next TEC governors!

Eunice “Uni” Marbutt Accepted

Hello, my name is Uni Marbitt, TEC #4278. Thank you for nominating me for a TEC Governor position. It is an honor! I’m an active member of TEC: I submit articles, recruit members, donate to TEC’s auction and hold an annual coin meet at my home in Holly, MI. My husband, Keith, and daughter, Kit, are both TEC members and my son, John, is active duty Army. I’m also a collectahaulic, elongated coins being my obsession! Other organizations that I am affiliated with include: The ANA, The American Legion Auxiliary – Lifetime Member, (past President & current Chaplain, Unit 63) Flaming Pistons Classic Car Club, (Secretary) and a board of member of Redwood, Inc., (a 501c3 company for the developmentally disabled).

My past jobs centered around Jewelry, antiques, coins and collectibles. I was a Jewelry Department Manager for Wal-Mart for over a decade and during that time completed my Accredited Jewelry Professional degree with the G.I.A Before that I owned my own jewelry store which is where I gained experience in buying, selling, shipping, inventory, design, display, appraising, and liquidation. My interest in antiques and collectibles led to researching, writing and publishing articles for antiques publications including: The Daze, The Glass Review, and The Tri State Trader.

While brainstorming for a fundraiser for the Flaming Pistons, my husband and I suggested creating and elongated coin to be sold as a souvenir during the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. There had never been a Cruise coin before. Now there is, with another in the works for 2015.

If I am elected as TEC Governor, I will work with the other elected officials and will strive to be an elongated coin advocate; preserving the history of elongated coins and promoting their future.