Why is the TEC Mascot an Owl?

The owl is an ancient greek symbol for wisdom. The TEC owl is a copy of the owl that appeared on ancient greek coins.

What are elongated coins?

Elongated coins are coins that have been elongated (flattened or stretched) and embossed with a new design with the purpose of creating a commemorative or souvenir token. Such coins are usually created in a penny-smashing machine of the sort found at landmarks, museums, aquariums, souvenir shops, special events, and more.

What is The Elongated Collectors (TEC)?

The Elongated Collectors is the official collectors organization for elongated coin enthusiasts. Its purpose is to:

1. encourage the study, acquisition, and exhibition of elongates and related items.

2. research and publish articles in TEC News and elsewhere.

3. assist new collectors, especially youth.

4. promote the realistic and consistent valuation of elongates.

How can I join TEC?

See our Membership page.

How much does it cost to join the club?

Our current membership dues are as follows:

Regular Print Member (US): $15
Regular Digital Member (US): $11

Regular Print Member (Foreign): $18
Regular Digital Member (Foreign): $14

Associate Member: $6
Young Numismatists Print Member: $12
Young Numismatists Digital Member: $7

What is an Associate or Young Numismatists Member?

An Associate Member is an additional member at the same address as a Regular Member and does not receive an additional issue of TEC News or additional coins.
A Young Numismatists member is a member under the age of 18. (Date of birth must be provided on application)

What is a Digital Membership vs. a Print Membership?

Digital members receive the quarterly newsletter as a PDF e-copy via email.  Print members receive a printed version of the newsletter via snail mail.  Both Digital and Print members receive each issues coins by snail mail.

Does the club ever meet in person?

The club meets once annually at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) World’s Fair of Money, held in a different city each year. TEC is an organizational member of ANA. These meetings include not only the club’s annual official business meeting, but the giving of awards, the discussion of old and new club business, the club’s annual auction, and a chance for members from across the country and around the world to meet, share, trade and chat. The rooms used for our meetings are provided by the ANA at no charge to us.

As part of our presence at ANA, the club runs a booth, also provided by the ANA, to share our hobby with other collectors and runs a competition for best exhibit as part of the ANA’s larger educational competition. It’s a great opportunity to do service for the club and to learn more about the larger coin collecting community.

Further details about ANA can be found at www.money.org and information on the TEC Meetings are added to our Calendar & ANA page as soon as they become available.

Does the club have an online community?

We have a Facebook Group