2011 – 2012 TEC Presidental Merit Award Recipients

2011-2012 TEC Presidential Merit Award Recipients

Reason for Award
Don Adams 518   For his wonderful EC designs & generous donation
Ray Dillard 837 -LM Immediate Past President ; set up and manning the TEC table at ANA shows, Elongated coins exhibit judge and much much more
Larry White 1384   Past TEC Store Manager
John & Nancy Wilson 1779 -LM For their friendship and continuous donations to TEC’s auctions
Larry Feit 1795   Past President
William C Massey 1857 -LM Past President
Bob Fritsch 1871 -LM Past President & $100 donation to TEC
Brad Ream 1888 -LM TEC Vice President, Making of elongated coins and promoting elongated coins. HECH Organizer
Roger Rowell 2011   Writing fascinating articles in TEC News
Bob Hoff 2033   Maintaining the web site parkpennies.com providing a great service to collectors of Disney ECs
Nancy Wooten 2132 -LM TEC Governor; Past President; TEC Historian
John Wooten 2211   Assisting with scanning old TECNews issues and making the DVDs
Wendy Wooten 2321 -A TECNews Editor
Jamie Bennett 2470   TEC Treasurer
Les Holbrook 2592   TEC Secretary, Pennycollector.com list project manager
George Yaco 2773   Pennycollector.com list co-manager
Doug Burke 2823   $100 donation to TEC
Tom Hollywood 2886   TEC Governor
Nina MacDonald 2937   Organizing St. Louis Event
Oded Paz 3047   TEC President, Elongated Coin Exhibitor & Judge, Elongated coins presentations, rolling coins to coin show visitors
Cindy Calhoun 3467   Donating bags of coins to TEC Members during the TEC Meeting & Editing the TECnowledgy page in TECNews
Rob Morris 3481   TEC Governor & Store Manager
Katie Wanta 3511   TEC Webmaster
Benjamin Gastfriend 3521 -JR For his excellent 1st place winning exhibit at the Philadelphia World’s Fair of Money
Walter Ostromecki 3731   Continuously assisting TEC as the ANA’s Vice President
Joanne Powel 3760   Continuously donating Elongated Coins to the TEC Meeting Auctions
Michael (Stan) Turrini 3812   $100 donation to TEC
Jason Nelson 3815   Running for TEC Governor in 2010
Don Berry 3858   Running for TEC Vice President in 2010 & setting up the TEC table at the Denver Convention (May 2012)
Paul Conner 3951   Designing amazing artwork for TEC designs
Lee Bowser 4129 -A Being such a super engraver of elongated designs. He has advanced the hobby by engraving more intricate designs. Also he has been agreeable and willing to teaching others how to engrave. It is important that younger folks learn the art of engraving.
Michael L. Mochizuki 4285   Placing an elongated exhibit at the Honolulu coin show and making the wonderful Hawaii series of elongated coins
Rhonda Scurek 4331 -HM ANA Convention Director
Tom Hallenbeck N/A   ANA President
Greg Weisgerber N/A   Set up and manning the TEC table at 2011 ANA convention
Matthew F. Erskine, Trustee N/A   KITTREDGE NUMISMATIC FOUNDATION – Gracious sponsorship of TEC Young

numismatist in 2012

David Miller N/A   Offering to smash the London Olympic Torch for U.S. collectors
Curt Pliler N/A   For running the PennyCollector Store and Database