TEC at the FUN Convention

TEC had a  ton of fun at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) Show in Tampa last weekend! Be sure to head over to the gallery to see some some photos of the event and some of the great elongated displays!

Welcome to TEC 2018

Elongated coins (so-called because of their shape after they are rolled) are part of what’s known as “exonumia” – that is, they fall outside the usual numismatic interests. But rest assured, if you have a few, a few hundred, or a few thousand of them, you are not alone! Elongated coins are sometimes also called “elongated pennies”, “pressed pennies” or “squished pennies”

Founded in 1966 as a non-profit organization, The Elongated Collectors (TEC) now has over 650 members in several countries. Our purpose is to

  • encourage the study, acquisition, and exhibition of elongates and related items
  •  research and publish articles in TEC News and elsewhere
  • assist new collectors, especially youth
  • promote the realistic and consistent valuation of elongates.

Basically, we care for and foster interest in these marvelous souvenirs from every source and every era!

If you love elongates, then TEC is the club for you! We gather for our annual meeting at the American Numismatic Association’s World of Money convention. In addition, many of our members gather throughout the year at “mini-meets” in various parts of the country to visit with one another, compare collections, trade duplicates, and go on “squishin’ missions.” And many of us also participate in various internet discussion groups, sharing our latest discoveries and helping each other out in any way we can. More information is available all over our website. We welcome any and all questions you have!
Please join us! For your nominal membership dues, you will receive:

  • Our quarterly newsletter, TEC News
  • Exclusive elongates, including coveted annual TEC member issues
  • Birthday elongates for junior members
  • Discounts on classic reference books, such as Yesterday’s Elongates
  • And more, but best of all access to the unmatched generosity and wisdom of novice and advanced collectors alike!

ANA HEADQUARTERS 50th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, August 6, ANA held a special 50th celebration at their headquarters in Colorado Springs.  All attendees received a goodie bag that included some wonderful elongated coins donated by John and Nancy Wilson and rolled by Ray. Captured a number of photos of Ray next to his Hall of Fame plaque.  Enjoyed the festivities including rolling coins at their penny machine, having a silly caricature made, refreshments and tours.

Overall we had a great time and hope to see lots of you at the show in Philadelphia next year!


Two big presentations for TEC – TEC received it’s 50 year of ANA Membership plaque early in the program.  Then later, Ray was inducted into the ANA Hall of Fame.


Ray Dillard inducted the new Board at the annual meeting on Friday, August 4.  In addition to Ray, also pictured are Nancy Wooten, Immediate Past President; Terri Ventresca, Secretary; Cindy Calhoun, President, and Dee Drell, Governor.  Officers not able to attend:  Don Berry, Vice President; Jim Motley, Treasurer; Danielle Kittredge and Uni Marbutt, Governors.

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TEC BOOTH AT ANA World’s Fair of Money in Denver

As usual, we had a great time in the booth this year.  Tyler Tyson brought his machine and we had lots of visitors… including a very happy dog!


More photos in the gallery!

Cindy Calhoun has sent some more photos from the ANA Convention & TEC Meetings in Denver! Be sure to head over to the gallery to check them out.

Photo Gallery Updated!

The TEC Photo Gallery has been updated with photos from the 2017 ANA World’s Fair of Money in Denver, CO with photos submitted by Oded Paz.

If you have photos of the meeting or other TEC meet ups that you think belong in the TEC Gallery – email Katie@tecnews.org for information on how to submit your photos to share!

Congratulations to Ray Dillard!

Ray Dillard accepting Hall Of Fame Induction from ANA President, Jeff Garrett (Photo: Oded Paz)

Ray Dillard accepting Hall Of Fame Induction from ANA President, Jeff Garrett (Photo: Oded Paz)

TEC’s own President Emeritus, Ray Dillard, has been inducted into the ANA Hall of Fame! Congratulations Ray!  To see more photos of the induction, check out the TEC Gallery for some photos courtesy of Oded Paz.

It’s an Election Year!

2017 is an election year and TEC is now accepting nominations for all Board positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Governors.  If you know of a TEC Member that you think would be great for the job, send your nomination to the current secretary, Les.  Be sure to keep an eye on the 2017 Board Elections page to see who has been nominated!