Yesterday’s Elongateds

A revised update of “Yesterday’s Elongateds” is long overdue. TEC plans to tackle this project. However, we need help. The Fairbanks “Guide to Unlisteds” contains descriptions only. Rosato’s “Unlisteds” includes illustrations with descriptions. However, we need pictures of all new items to be included in the revision. Here is where you come in. Please review your collections and furnish TEC with pictures of coins that you have in your collection that fit the descriptions of unlisted items, plus others that you may have that may not yet have been identified. Each person submitting information will be listed as a contributor in the revised issue. They will also be recognized and thanked in TEC News as we proceed.

Pictures can be emailed to If you happen to know the number of the elongated i.e. ARI-phx 3a, be sure to include it with the picture and help us verify.

For the list of descriptions – visit the Yesterday’s Elongateds Project Page. Once photos of a particular coin are received, we will update the page to cross out the description so you will know we have found an image of that coin.

If you have any questions regarding the pictures, use the email above and we will walk you through the process. If you don’t have a way to get a photo or a scan but have the coin in your collection, please let us know so we can work something out. We really want to get this completed and it is going to require help from many sources.