2019 Design Contest

The Elongated Collectors (TEC)
2019 Coin Design Challenge

Once again TEC is sponsoring a Design Contest! The theme is “One Giant Leap for Mankind”. The winning design will be announced in the April TEC News. TEC will produce the winning design on U.S. Cents and distribute one to each TEC Member. Young Numismatists will be judged separately from regular members and a winner from each group will be selected.

The winning designer of each group will receive:
• 25 elongated pennies rolled with the winning design.
• One set of elongated coins rolled with the winning design (quarter, dime, nickel, cent).
• One free year of TEC membership. (The free year of membership must be used by the winner
unless he/she is a Life or Honorary Member, in which case he/she may elect to “gift” a year’s
membership to a non-member. If the winner is already pre-paid for future years, the closest unpaid
year will be considered the awarded year.)
• The winner will be a member of the judging panel for the next year’s contest.

Entries will be judged on the following:
• Originality
• Illustration of the design theme – “One Giant Leap for Mankind”
• Compatibility with size/engraving limitations
• Note: Any design considered inappropriate will be disqualified.

The following rules apply:
• All active Regular, Young Numismatists, Associate, Life, and Honorary members are eligible to participate. If you
haven’t paid your dues for 2019, please do so before entering the contest.
• You may submit as many entries as you wish.
• Please do not use copyrighted images or logos.
• Entries must be submitted on this official entry form (or a photocopy of it) by either email or “snail mail” by February 23, 2019. When submitting via email, please consider image quality as entries are provided to the judges “as received.” Additional entry forms are available at www.tecnews.org.
• “TEC” and “2019” must appear somewhere in the design.

Since the design will be rolled on pennies, TEC reserves the right to modify the winning design for space or aesthetic reasons. Please use the template on the reverse of this form, avoid very small details and very small text, and make your drawing as clean as you can. Please do NOT put your initials on the design to keep the entries anonymous. Initials will be added to the winner’s design later on.
The Design Contest Entry Period has CLOSED.  Stay tuned to find out who our winners are!


Young Numismatists Design Entries 

Regular Design Entries